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Absolute by Alchemist Barbie

Return to Sender Ritual

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The Return to Sender Ritual is a 3 Day Ritual. 

This Ritual is Return a Spell/ Curse/ Hex Back to the sender this ritual also comes with a protection Ritual. 

The Ritual will be held for 4 consecutive days. 

You will be sent 4 Spiritual Baths that should be taken on the same day as each ritual. 

You will be sent pictures & video. 
I do not record my full ceremonies because it is considered disrespectful to record Spirit & most times  Spirit will not show up when being recorded. 

But I do record the very beginning of me lighting the candles of the ritual and the opening prayer. 

Cartomancy Divination is done before, during, and after your ritual to make sure that everything is going well and as planned. You will be sent pictures of the results of each divination session that is conducted. 

During the ritual, candle divination will be conducted throughout the ritual and this will be recorded and sent over to you. 

Once your ritual is complete, a wax divination will be conducted and the reading will be recorded and sent to you. 

After the candle divination the wax from your candle will properly dispose of the remaining wax so that the spell will remain and be working on your behalf forever.

    Return to Sender Ritual