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Absolute by Alchemist Barbie

The Cut Throat Collection

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1. Wasp Nest- Ruin Hard Work 

2. Mustard Seeds- Strife

3. Poppy Seeds- Confusion

4. Arrowroot Powder- Graveyard Dirt Substitution 

5. Muillen Leaf- When grounded into a powder can be a  Graveyard Dirt Substitution 

6. Alum Powder- Stop Gossip 

7. Chia Seeds- Destruction 

8. Calamus Root- Control

9. Licorice Root- Domination

10. Red Pepper Flakes- Create Uncomfortable Situations 

11. Cayenne pepper- Create Obstacles 

12. Poke Root Powder- Hex

13. Brimstone (Sulfur)- Hex

14. Asafoetida- Banish

15. Banishing Salt- Banish 

16. Cloves- Stop Gossip

17. Ground Cloves- Stop Gossip 

18. Hot Foot Powder- Remove unwanted people | Rid business of customers 

19. Goofer Dust- Brings constant grief to enemy

20. Black Peppercorns - Repel 


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The Cut Throat Collection